Friday, July 15, 2016

Delhi/ NCR Pollution

God created humans and environment to support all life on Earth. But our greed has disturbed the ecological cycle and as the most superior race we are destroying our own planet.

As per the experts in the few years Delhi and all major metros cities will be like Beijing (China). I think the human race will not end due to a nuclear war but definitely due to lack of oxygen and growing pollution.
Let’s start with our own city. As per High Court people is Delhi is living inside a gas chamber with harmful gases increasing every day at a very rapid rate. The real cause of this evil is growing number of vehicle on the roads and honestly it does not make much of a difference that on what fuel they are moving. As per a survey almost 3-4 Lakhs of vehicle are adding up to Delhi roads every year and if we combine this with all the connecting cities, numbers will be astronomical. After the high court scolding to the state government, some steps are taken like banning of diesel vehicles and odd even rule. But are we doing enough? The answer is NO.

Every vehicle causes pollution and it does not make any difference if we ban one specific fuel like diesel. The problem is government has no control on the number of vehicle adding up every day. Let me explain it with a very simple example that if 1 individual can finish 1 litter of water in an hour, 5 can finish it in 10 minutes. Due to easy loan facility anyone can buy a car with a small down payment. So it does not make any huge impact if we ban a vehicle runs on a particular fuel. 

If we talk about odd even rule then my question is what will government do in case of equal number of odd or even vehicle. So what’s the solution- I think the best possible solution is lowering down the emission rates to almost 50% and vehicles shall not be allowed on the road after a specific KM limit. If the Govt is really serious on saving Delhi NCR then these are the following steps.

1.     To create more public transport runs on environment friendly fuel like CNG or electricity.
2.     To create very strict rules on Vehicles creating pollution. They must be scraped after a certain age or KM covered.
3.     To lower down the emission rates in Vehicles
4.     To create more metro routes.
5.     Vehicles must not be allowed on the road after a specific year limit or KM as per the engine capacity. I have seen cabs crossing 3-4 Lakhs on their speedometer. Remember after a specific wear and tear engine creates more pollution. 

I japan the emission rates are in “Points”. If you ever see your pollution certificate closely u can spot some numbers or reference rates like 2.3, 3. 4 etc. In japan the reference rates are in .2.3 very huge difference. On the top these road side pollution check shops don’t even check the vehicle; they just change the dates in our old certificates. Till the time the govt take actions on WAR basis nothing will change.   

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