Sunday, March 13, 2016

Mughal Garden- Rashtrapati Bhawan

It’s been more than 17 years of my stay in Delhi and I never got a chance to visit the famous Mughal Garden. Sometimes we ignore the sites in our own city thinking we can visit the place any time.

 My wife had insisted to visit this place and honestly its worth going because it’s situated inside the Rashtrapati Bhawan. It is a lifetime opportunity to see the royal building so closely. We decided Sunday will be the best time as we don’t have to deal with much Delhi traffic. The garden is open for public only in the month of Feb and March. As a photographer, the sad part is no professional camera is allowed inside. We can resort to phone camera only. But I respect this restriction because it is the home of the President.

The garden is situated at the back of Rashtrapati Bhawan, incorporating both Mughal and English landscaping styles and feature a great variety of flowers. Source- Link. Three sections divide the garden rectangular, long and circular gardens also known as Pearl garden, Butterfly garden and Circular garden. The garden has all sorts of flowers but Roses and Tulips are the main attractions. Apart from that lotus, bonsai and herbs also add up to the beauty. The garden is fringed by many fountains, the most beautiful and spectacular one being the Musical Fountain. The water sprinkles up to the tune of patriotic songs which makes a great show for visitors! 

Security is very tight inside the garden premises guarded by armed police personnel and Indian Army. Visitors are not supposed to walk on the grass and are restricted to cross certain points in the garden. However, as Indians this is our birth right to “walk on the grass” and touch flowers. Some people will do anything for a nice selfie, ready to break the rules and sabotage plants! There is also a library of President Pranab Mukherjee close to the entrance of the garden.

We stayed there for nearly two hours. It was a great experience for us. I’m sharing few pictures taken from phone camera.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

First Eat Bloggers Meet

I got an invitation from First Eat for a food event on 27th February, 2016, Sunday. I was expecting a big crowd of freeloaders but I was proved wrong. First Eat had only invited 10-15 bloggers for this food meet. We were greeted by co-founders Shitiz Dogra and Mannat Wadhera who explained to me the concept behind First Eat. It means #Pehle Khao in Hindi that mothers usually insist upon! They ask us to eat first before anything else. Hence their business started with an objective to deliver healthy breakfast and evening snacks to corporate professionals.  

An app based food ordering company First Eat is a new entrant in the market who started their operations in late October 2015. At present they operate ion major points n Gurgaon and plan to expand to Delhi by next 6 months.


Different from any food event where the host is not much concerned about taking feedback, Shitiz was completely opposite. He initiated a very broad discussion on healthy eating habits and of course the feedback on food served. Our tasting session began with warm lemon honey water.

The breakfast they served was tasty and at the same time very nutritious & fresh. The food had no fat or cholesterol and the quantity was also good. I had garden fresh, morning soother of beetroot and carrot juice and omelette with sautéed vegetables. Healthy poha too received a warm response by other bloggers at the event. All the ingredients were fresh and packed well in microwavable bowls. This was the first time I enjoyed eating salad in my life. Thumbs up to First Eat!

All bloggers shared their feedback about food and its affects our daily life. The discussion went for good one hour with feedback flowing from all of us and Firsteat team took a note of everything while answering our questions. One good objective they have is to educate corporate not to skip breakfast and what are the different nutritious value in different food items. They also deliver a small newspaper with every order which thankfully does not give us news on “Indrani’s daily activities”, but on food and the city.

I also ordered food from my office (Cyber City). The quality and quantity was consistent every time. There are a couple of feedbacks to First Eat which I had already communicated and they are working on it:
1.       A website.
2.       Provide small printed bill along with the order.
3.       Price should include taxes.
4.       Some more items should be included in the menu
5.       Must list the ingredients along with the food.

I really had a good time at the event. I wish First Eat team all the best and I hope to see this company touching new heights.