Monday, July 18, 2016

Jodhpur Trip

Jodhpur is the city of Maharaja Gaja Singh.Well some of the attractions in the city is now under private umbrella of Taj hotels and public entry is restricted. The available sites could be covered in one and half day if planned wisely.

There are mainly three places to see in Jodhpur.
  1. Umaid Bhawan
  2. Mehrangarh Fort
  3. Jaswant Thada (We missed this location)
  4. Mandore Garden

1     Umaid Bhawan. This place was the office home of the Maharaja of Jodhpur. But now half of the palace is now under Taj hotels as a luxury hotel. The best part is tourist still has access to most of the area including a huge museum, Vintage cars and surrounding areas.


Vintage display

Vintage cars display

Umaid Bhawan from a distance

2    Mehran Garh Fort

This is one of the largest forts of India. It was built by Rao Jodha (The chief of Rathore Clan) in 1460 and situated on a cliff at a height of nearly 410 Ft. The fort is huge “Really Huge” and a normal visit without photography will take around 3 hours. It has four floors which preserve the history of Rathore clans. The fort is well secured by huge cannons and we have seen the largest collections of weapons inside. Photography is restricted in many areas and they are well secured by CCTV. You can see cannon shell marks on the huge entry gate this will take you to that era where cannons are the only weapon to breal into a strong wall.

It also has a good coffee shop for refreshment.


"Blue city"- Bird's eye view from Mehrangarh

3     Mandore Graden

There is very interesting story behind the city of Mondore, as per legends Mandodari the wife of Ravan belonged from this place. The garden is very mesmerizing with beautiful trees and ancient cenotaphs. The place swarms with Langoor but not to worry as they don’t bother anyone because they have enough to eat from the caretakers as well as visitors. This is a must visit place and very good destination for photography.

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