Tuesday, August 26, 2014

India & Pakistan-The inside Story


                                                              The Inside Story

I am writing this blog so that some "very intelligent" people of our country can understand that why India and Pakistan are fighting for Kashmir. Also why these two countries can never be friends.

History Speaks for itself
The seeds for today's" hate Tree" was sown at the time when Jinnha proposed a new country for Indian muslims because as per him the difference between the religions had so much widened that it was imminent to separate. Decision was made and a new country was formed with the name of Pak-Is-Tan or holy place. Also East Pakistan was Bangaladesh. The reason Bangladesh became a part of Pakistan was totally based on the muslim population residing there.

Map after independence
 Everything happened well under the supervision of Lord Mountbatten. At the same time it was also proposed that the region of Jammu and Kashmir would also be a part of the newly formed Pakistan due to muslim majority but the "Hindu" Raja of Kashmir wanted to stick with India. The decision was not very well accepted by the Jinnha Government. Since that day he ordered his administration and army to do whatever it takes to conquer Kashmir resulting in the first war of 1947 when the forces of Pakistan attacked Kashmir. It was the time when the Maharaja of Kashmir signed the "domination of India" to save Kashmir. The UN Security Council passed the resolution 47 on 22nd April, 1948, thus ending the war.
However, in 1965, Pakistan attacked with full force which ended in a huge defeat of Pak army. That was the time Pakistan realized that they couldn't stand war with India. Hence they started a proxy war. In other words, they started to send ISI agents in Kashmir and training youth to become terrorist and fight for the so called Azad Kashmir which continues till date.
Smt. Indira Gandhi, the iron lady of India saw an opportunity to liberate Bangladesh since Pakistan did not treat them properly. This resulted in the 1971 war, which was again a huge defeat for Pakistan.
 Is it NEVER ending?
 We shall also understand that the day Pakistan was formed, the leaders only opted for one policy which is "Hate India". The country was never stable because the military always had an upper hand over the government. From the time of independence, the country was ruled majorly by military dictators considering the fact that it was a democratic country and the Pak army does not leave any chance to do some bad on our soil. So much hatred was pushed in the heart that now it seems impossible to take it out. Even in their history books, one can easily see wrong words that glorify Pakistan that say Pakistan never lost a war with India and India is responsible for its bad condition.
Pakistan from the very beginning did not concentrate on development but only on military power to fight with India. This is the only reason why it is surviving on USA money. Billions of dollars in aid is wired into Pakistan banks on the name of "War on Terror". What an irony!

They have sponsored so much terror that  now even they have to fight with them. Pakistan has burned his own hands giving ISI all the power to do anything.
Pakistan will never end the proxy war that's a fact and India will keep kicking their ass.
 What is the Solution?
 There is no solution as of now because Pakistan is on the brink of failed state or civil war where government has no control on it's own people or military. The latest problem in Pakistan will result in a military dictatorship rule yet again.
The solution of this whole problem stays in the hand of common Pakistani youth and they want a democratic country or another Afghanistan.

Found this on Facebook recently-Recently Bilawal made a speech in which he said " he will bring Kashmir" in Pakistan. This kind of immature statement only fuel the hatred, but yes we have our answer below.

Copied from whatsApp
Dear Bilawal ji,
Pehle to wish you a very happy birthday. 26! Such a special age. Reminds me too of the time when i was young and stupid, though maybe not this much. As a special gift for your happy day, you are trending on social media and every Indian is talking about you. How’s that for neighborly love? Say thanks. Where are your manners, yaar?
I heard THAT video clip with great interest. The one where you said that you will make sure that you get every inch of Kashmir for Pakistan. Boss, such determination at this young age is something to be proud of. You should pat your back for having such clarity of thought when most Indians your age these days focus on cramming concepts of java and sql to get a job offer with a grand 50% hike at that Gurgaon MNC. Tells you something about misplaced priorities.
Bilawal Bhutto Speech
Going back to the speech. I love the raw josh and enthusiasm with which you spoke the words. ‘lawange lawange…kashmir…poora ka poora kashmir….pakistan da kashmir….lawange.‘ The way you raised your hands, pumped up the vocal cords, and spoke, like a WWE announcer, except that your voice hasn’t even broken yet, which made it sound more adorable than terrifying. Add to that your smashing looks, and boss, if i had been there, i would have kissed your cheek and pinched those shiny cheeks of yours out of purely platonic love. You sly fox, you are going to get votes from women for being cute and from men for this speech.
Boss, Kashmir to nahi mil payega. I mean you are cute and all that, you may have had an affair with the pretty lady minister whose handbag is worth more than the rest of Pakistan, but who said life is fair? You want Kashmir. Yo Yo Honey Singh wants a Grammy. I want an iPhone 6. Tough luck.
But we can manage another gift for you. A time machine. Yea baby, you heard it right. I can help you look into the future and see what life has in store for you.
There is a man, 44 years old, fair and lovely like you, youth heart-throb like you, England educated like you, born of political pedigree like you, and when he speaks it is the right mix of comedy and sincerity for his people. I present to you Rahul Gandhi. He is you, in 18 years. He is your time-machine. Just look at him to see what you are going to become. You’re welcome.
You know what all of India is thinking today? That India and Pakistan are so similar. We have the same cultures. We eat the same roti and butter chicken. We listen to the same pirated Bollywood music. Our Cricket teams are equally inconsistent and prone to temptations. Our Hockey teams had their moments of glory but now mostly suck at the world stage. Our politicians are a similar bunch of jokers. Our girls on both sides swoon when Shahrukh Khan opens his arms in his trademark gesture.
We have Rahul. They have you. See. Same to same.
Back to Kashmir. Come on yaar. Don’t look so sad. Okay we can try one thing. Why don’t you come on Arnab ji’s News Hour for a panel discussion and explain why you should get the state over which your country has got its ass whooped by India four times in the last 60 odd years? Fair deal?
If you can manage to speak ten complete uninterrupted sentences on his show, you can have the state. Bolo chalega? The only catch is that if you fail, you will watch Arbaaz Khan’s ‘Ma Tujhe Salaam’ on loop for a month and do the chicken- dance every time he says ‘doodh maangoge to kheer denge. Kashmir maangoge to cheer denge.’

Friday, August 22, 2014

Failure of DRDO


Sometimes back I visited DefExpo 2014 pertaining to my special interest in armed forces and the specialized weapons. Having toured the DRDO exhibition and observed the stories behind the defense failure, I am writing my 1st blog.


The above weapon system is Bramos of which our Defence ministry is very proud. However, very few people are aware that this missile is not a "Made in India" product but bought from Russia at a very high price. The question is that why the world's 4th largest army has to import almost everything from foreign countries? The answer is pretty simple. DRDO is a failed institute with a bunch of highly qualified PhD holders.

NOTE-When is say DRDO, I include Ordinance factory and all institutions engaged in weapons system.
From the last 20 years, DRDO has not even able to produce a good battle ready army tank. We all know about Arjun and Arjun II (main battle tank or MBT) are still not ready for war. To fill the gap, our government has to import T90 from Russia. Sadly, same is the case with our Air Force. We got "Sukhoi" from Russia and now "Rafele" from France. Rifles equally have a sad story to tell. The Insas Rifle of Indian Army can only fire up to 400 meters and doesn't even have a fully automatic mode!

They are celebrating the success of Tejas (light combat aircraft or LCA) and Dhruv Helicopter with idli dosa. Can Tajas stand a dog fight with F16 (US manufactured advanced jet) ? NO! Can Dhruv match with Cobra (Israel manufactured attack chopper)?  NO! 

DRDO is ONLY good at assembling stuff bought from foreign countries or repair work. The problem is with the kind of scientists working with DRDO.
I will give the example of Israel and Russia where most of the weapons are either developed by the army itself or with the help of army. In other words I can’t design a drill for rocks until I do the job myself and take some experience. The famous AK47 rifle was invented by Gen.Kalasnikove and the corner-shot close quarter battle system (a rifle) was the brain child of an Israel counter-terrorist department head. 

A PhD scientist or gold medallist in M.Sc who has never seen a battle or faced a war like situation will never know the real scenario. Our government should take advice from all three branches of defence and then do something creative. They should speak to the common soldier to understand his needs and the challenges he faces during war.
 Please understand that the money spent on these imported weapons is our tax money. So, DRDO should pull up its socks and invent weapons as per the needs of the defence personnel, instead of importing high priced weapons from neighbouring countries.