Sunday, May 22, 2016

Horlicks Growth Plus-Indiblogger Event

I always have views on lot of things like food, travel, lifestyle, politics, war etc. but all those feelings come out on Facebook and Youtube while replying on a post or video. Blogging was new for me but not for my wife who is an expert blogger and because of her I started blogging. Honestly this is the best way to express your thoughts. I have attended many events but was waiting for the special one which is the Indiblogger event. For me it is like the “Mecca” of bloggers.

Finally the much awaited news arrived- a new event of Indiblogger in New Delhi on 15th may 2016. I was super exited for my 1st event and was keen to meet the founders. The event was called “Catch upon Growth” from Horlicks.

We reached early as I had to take some click some images. We were greeted by the members of Indiblogger team.  The time of the event was carefully fxed and lunch was organised pre event. Very soon bloggers started pouring in and the interaction started. I meet with few bloggers and had some short conversations over lunch. As the event was in The Lalit, there was no complaint about the food.

The event started around 1:30pm with a very warm welcome from Anup Johnson. I must say that this dude is full of energy and connects well with bloggers. We started with some introduction with new 1st time attendees along with some number games. The number game was full of surprises with hilarious results. The attention was then shifted to Ms. Natasha Bhadwar, writer and media professional who welcomed the panellists of Dr. Rajeev Chabra (Senior Paediatrician), Ms. Satinder Kaur Walia (Child Psychologist) and Dr. Jyoti Arora (Head dietician- Batra Hospital). The topic of the discussion was based on child growth and their eating habits.

Time has changed a lot from the last decade and kids are no more interested in eating healthy food with more inclination towards junk foods which in turn effects their growth. A small video from actual mothers showed their plight that how the lack of nutrition has affected their child growth. As per Dr. Rajeev the new family culture where both the parents are working make it very tough to feed the child with proper nutritious food. The age between 3-9 is the period when kids needs all the basic nutrition for their growth but this group mostly spend their time in school, tuitions and playing digital games inside. The days are long gone when we sweat outside and dirty out cloths playing in open ground.

In our times we never had Mcdonalds or KFC and “bahar ka khana” was not very common. But in today’s urban lifestyle, kids are living on junk foods. As per Ms. Satinder Kaur the big reason behind this is because of parents who have have no time to cook food at home. The habit starts from parents and gradually passes on to the kids. Even the schools are also very much responsible because the canteen is also filled with junk foods. TV commercials is also playing a big role promoting fast foods.

Dr. Chabra also raised the curtain from the biggest myth we Indians are living with that milk contains all the nutrition the human body needs. The fact is milk is 75% water and rest calcium. Calcium is a necessary component of our body and excess is really bad for our body. The problem is we all live inside our AC rooms and hardly get exposed to sunlight, making us Vitamin D deficient which is very important to absorb calcium in our body. It is very important for kids to play outside and the best time is after 4:00 PM because of less UV rays.

Dr. Jyoti Arora suggested that to decrease the consumption of junk food parents can adopt the child centred approach in which instead of restricting junk foods we can make it healthy at home. For example a less oily Paratha or a burger with lots of green vegetables .In other words foods can be customized as per the nutrition requirements of the child. After this healthy discussion the panel invited questions from bloggers. Different questions popped up like what to feed the kids, how to take them away from fast foods, what are the important nutrition etc which the panel answered very promptly. 

After a short tea break, we saw Amaan Khan, Marketing Head Gsk and Dr. Kaushik, doctor in panel for GSK on stage. The presentation began with a video showing anxious mothers sharing their helplessness over child’s mal nutrition and less growth. On being if the lost growth can me made up for, the answer was negative. 

Mr Khan then raised the curtain to reveal the Horlicks Groth Plus that aims to #catchupongrowth among kids. The product is designed for kids between 3 and 9 years. Underweight kids or those short in height often are left with inferiority complex and end up shying away from social circles due to low confidence. Horlicks Growth Plus is clinically proven to catch up on lost growth in kids. The formula has good amount of protein, calcium and minerals that are essential for growth. However, this product is only a supplement and not a replacement for normal food.  

The two variants available are chocolate and vanilla. GSK has launched Horlicks Growth Plus in South India, Delhi NCR, Mumbai and Pune. They soon will expand to the rest of the country as well. As we tasted the flavors, we too loved it. Getting a hands-on experience of product always helps to understand the product better. 

The session proceeded with fun games. We shuffled and got into groups of 10 each. Every group was supposed to make a short video on Catch up on growth with the props given by the Indiblogger team. This was the most enjoyable part of the event. The team which I was a part of, was declared the winner few days later. You can watch the funny video here
The event closed with a group picture and roar of “hurr hurr”. Collected memories, made good friends, and carried home a pack of Horlicks Growth Plus in chocolate flavor. An eventful, energetic and fun day it was. Look forward to more Indimeets in future.   



  1. Great coverage and so sweet of you to express that blogging is a wonderful expression! Great pics too Mithun! :)