Monday, April 11, 2016

Palmyra- Bristol Hotel

The definition of good food is-  Presentation, Taste and Aroma. All the three factors are responsible for special dining and this is what we experienced in Palmyra- Bristol Hotel, Gurgaon. Chef Somnath made it a fab experience for the diners who innovated and curated many masterpieces which were cooked with less oil and lots of love.

As a foodie I always look for innovation. My search took me to this beautiful restaurant Palmyra in Bristol for a Sunday dinner.  As always the initials were starters like hara bhara kabab, honey chilly potato and paneer tikka. But one thing was different here that the food was light and not heavy as we often experience. The kabab were soft and taste very nice, paneer was not over marinated and the honey chilly potato tasted both sweet and hot.

Palmera is situated on the fourth floor with a huge space outside to enjoy drinks and starters. The covered area is for buffet.

After digging on to the starters and some fruit juices, my wife thought to give main course a try. Honestly I had no expectations from this place due to some bad reviews on Zomato , but as I started looking at the dishes, my opinion changed gradually.

My plate was quickly full with small portions of all the dishes which included paneer butter masala, kaju matter mushroom makhana gravy, chickpeas and aubergine tagine, dofinose potatoes,  stir fried vegetables, veg biryani and dal zaffran.

One thing is very different among all the dishes that they are not cooked with lots of oil. The taste was balanced with different spices but not overloaded. The veg biryani had a very pleasant aroma and taste excellent. Preparation with less oil made things enjoyable, light and amazing. 

Among all the dishes my favourite was chef’s own innovation dofinose potatoes which taste heavenly!!!! Even it was prepared with cheese but still it was not at all heavy.The chef told us that he used raw potatoes and the starch did the job of sticking them together.

The deserts were equally satisfying both to the eyes and taste buds. The spread had rabri jalabi, kalakand, banoffee , cake and red velvet tiramisu. The winner here is banoffee which was a bomb and again a brain child of chef Somnath who had cleverly innovated with caramel, banana, cream, muesli and some other flavours. 

We also had a brief discussion with the chef and agreed that Indian food should not be overloaded with spices or oil, which often renders people tummy full but unsatisfied. Nobody wants high cholesterol in their body. The trick is to balance everything. Over all we are very quite happy with the food and below is my rating. Anyone looking for good food must visit this perfect place.

Chef's friendly nature- no star, all smiles J

We would really want to see some more innovative dishes from the Chef soon.