Monday, April 18, 2016

Fight against terror or profit behind it

Why do we compare everything in our country with USA? There are other countries which are developed and better then India but still our mind take us to the States.
The reason is very simple- The whole system of USA is designed in such a manner that it automatically promotes the country or in other word does marketing. They have the best propaganda mechanism which makes their wrong right and always keeps them ahead of everything. The question is how the country with not even half the population of India is ruling us. 

The country has one of the best infrastructures and military power. All the news and print media is designed in such a way that they only talk about good things about their country most of the times and safeguard their national interest.

Many people are not aware but the main objective of CIA is to protect the country’s interest overseas and it can go to any extent to achieve the objective. History is full of such cases like El Salvador, East Timor, Cambodia etc. where USA was involved directly or indirectly through CIA. In almost all the cases where USA had sent boots to the ground in the name of peace keeping, there was only death and destruction. The policy is very simple- Create a pressure group against the government and then arm them to fight against their own country. The best example is ISIS and Taliban.

The time when Russia (Then USSR) invaded Afghanistan, there were two reasons; one is to take revenge from Vietnam War and second is the billion dollar gem mines of the country. At that time the world had not fully recovered from the scars of cold war and USA couldn’t confront Russian military power which is as powerful as them. Fighting with Russia means a direct Nuclear War which may result in the end of this planet. So USA started a proxy war with the help of its ally Pakistan. The latter was the best choice because of two reasons; one is that the country is already under a military rule and second because of its close proximity with Afghanistan.

But the problem was the local population of Afghanistan was very less and most of the male population was either dead I wars or not trained to fight a strong army.

The CIA observed that there are several religious schools (Madrasa) in Pakistan and the main objective of these religious schools is just to provide the teaching of Islam. The number of students in these Madrasa was counted in thousands. With no modern education and almost living in Stone Age, CIA spotted the best opportunity to train them as their foot soldiers. With the help of ISI (Interstate Intelligence) the secret service of Pakistan military CIA started training these school students to fight against the Russian forces. Soon with all the training and weapons, these trained students started Guerrilla warfare against a much superior force. Soon they had their group named as Taliban (In Pashto Taliban mean students) and their leader is Mullha Umar.

It was said that CIA poured millions of dollar in the proxy war and delivered small and medium weapons including the deadly stinger missile which is very effective for low flying helicopters and even for slow aircrafts. For nearly a decade Russia could not defeat the Taliban and ultimately after the fall of USSR the war ended with the last Russian tank leaving Afghanistan. But soon after the CIA cut all help to Afghanistan, the whole country burned in civil war. With the backing of Pakistan regular army, soon Taliban became the most powerful group in the valley and started training terrorists. There were hidden stories that USA made huge profits from the gems stones mines of Afghanistan.

This was one of the examples of the dirty war which CIA played all over the world to safeguard the country’s interest. USA is the largest manufacturer and exporter of weapons in the world. When the companies don’t have any market left to sell their product or weapons it’s the job of CIA to create a market for them. The idea is very effective “create a war and sell weapons to both sides”. 

The same tactics was with ISIS. Experts say that ISIS is the spoiled kid of CIA same as Taliban. In both the cases CIA could not control them because they were savage and once they had power in their hand they listened to none. After the ISIS killing spree CIA again tried to repeat the old tactics and started arming the other groups fighting in Syria. But here things are different. ISIS is not a regular terror outfit. Its ideology is very harsh- “kill all non- believers” and they are very serious about their JOB. Within few months the whole region was covered with blood with their very brutal killing methods and internet propaganda of forming a caliphate attracted people from all across the Globe making ISIS one of the strongest terror outfits. Unlike the USA, Russians don’t believe much in talking and rather show results. As soon as Russians planes started pounding precision bombs on ISIS and their special forces taking out the top leaders, talks are on that then what the US and coalition forces doing for a long time. The problem is USA was not serious to wipe out ISIS completely because stability in that region meant less buying of weapons which in turn are not a profitable aspect for their companies.

Being the most powerful nation of the world USA carries responsibility which is to bring peace to the world and not end it.

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