Thursday, April 7, 2016

Nikkor 50-300MM lens

After using my new Nikon DSLR for nearly 6 months I encountered a small limitation "ZOOM". Yes without a medium range zoom I was not able to click some long distance images, eg. birds, sunrise, moon etc. I was aware that lens is the soul of any DSLR camera and without a proper lens I will not be able to use my camera to its full potential.

My existing 18-55 mm is for short range and macro images but as a backpacker I needed more than that. Lens could be very expensive and can go up to Rs. 6 Lac, but I am not a professional and photography is not earning me by bread and butter, so I was looking for a basic zoom lens which can satisfy my need and at the same time not very heavy on my pocket.


As an intermediate I was not looking for a very long range lens and decided a medium range lens will do the. After dong some research my choice is Nikkor 55-300 mm VR lens.

The reason I choose this product is because of the Nikkon brand name and second is compatibility with my existing DSLR. I feel it is very important to buy a compatible product or else the product will not sink up 100%. There are other lenses available with low price from different brand but they were missing the very important function VR. VR means vibration reduction which helps stabilizing the image in the absence of tripod or in case of moving objects like birds. The lens also has an auto focus capability which will give a peace of mind when you are struggling with other functions like ISO and shutter. The lens comes with a very durable plastic cover for front and back and this will save the lens from dust and moisture. It also has a very good pouch to save the outer body from scratch when the lens is not in use. It’s really very easy to attach the lens to the camera and same with the detachment. The VR technology works very well and I never had any complaint; this is a very important part because the lens is heavy and while focusing on a distant object, it is natural that hands will shake. Without a good VR it is impossible to shoot without a tripod. Now I am able to click very long distance images without any problem.


The only small issue which I am facing is the lens is little heavy and I can feel it while holding it for some time, but this is not an huge issue as zoom lenses will have some weight. I will recommend this lense for any intermediate users like me

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