Monday, July 31, 2017

Sariska Jungle Safari

To spot a tiger in a tiger reserve is a dream for photo enthusiasts. Sariska being the closest to Delhi, I planned a trip to this lovely sanctuary, though I knew that it would be sheer luck to capture the wild cat in with my lenses. There is no good and bad season to spot animals or tigers in open. The lucky ones can spot tigers during summers near waterholes or during winters basking in the Sun. My visit was in January 2017.  
 The reserve is divided into three zones and you need to pick one, though its your forest guide and driver’s decision most of the times. Again no one can guarantee tiger sighting on any of the three routes. 

I was lucky to spot female leopard with her two cubs. The moment she stared at me when I clicked, she wasted no time in leaving the spot, escorting her cubs to a “no human” zone. What a beauty she was. My disappointment of not seeing a tiger vanished since I had seen this close cousin of the big cat, staring straight into my eyes.

Leopard with her cubs

The "stay away from me" look


Red-Wattled Lapwing

The hide and seek moment

Village dwellers behind our resort

      Male Black Headed Grosbeak

Male Purple Sunbird

Blue Bull or Neel Guy

I spotted a leopard kill hanging from a tree. It was apparently hunted by the leopard the previous day.

The leopard kill

Spotted deer

Indian Rufous Treepie

Apart from the forest tour, the guide would take you to Kankwara Lake. Watching the migratory birds and crocodiles is equally exciting. 
Black Headed Ibis

 Common Stilt

White and Black Crane

Common Stilt

Advisable- Please don't waste your time visiting the temple inside the sanctuary because it will eat up good 1 hour’s time from your 3 hour safari trip. 

Start early because more jeeps would mean more noise and animals don't come out when it’s noisy. 

The safari would cost around Rs 3000 and the price directly goes to the Forest department. Do not let an agent fool you. 

Please don't fall for the radio collar stunts because that is just to create a hype. Most of the guides try to create excitement and will stop the jeep at a certain place for a long time but better not wait anywhere for more than 10-15 minutes. 


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