Monday, September 11, 2017

Bali Bird Park- Cassowary

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After witnessing Earth's biggest reptile of lizard family, Komodo Dragon, my eyes were looking for the most dangerous bird Cassowary in Bali Bird Park. Soon I spotted a Southern Cassowary behind strong wooden bars, which are required not for the birds' safety, but for the visitors.  And that's exactly why this the most dangerous bird of the planet.

Predominantly vegetarian, Cassowary also feeds on rats, insects, fish, mice and small animals. Males can grow to a height of 4.9-5.9 ft and female can reach up to 6 ft.  A full grown Southern Cassowary can sometimes weight up to 70 Kg and run at a speed of 50km per hour. Surprisingly this bird can also jump up to 4.9 ft and they also are good swimmers.

The internet is full of stories of Cassowary attacks but not all are true. Still one can imagine the damage this bird inflicts which has dagger like claws and a huge strong beak. An otherwise calm and shy Cassowary can rip you apart if she feels threat to herself or her babies

Southern Cassowary is an endangered species because of habitat loss. As per a survey done in 2006 this bird has only 20% to 25% habitat left to survive in Australia. Illegal hunting is also a big concern for the survival of this beautiful species. I hope that the Government of Indonesia and Australia will jointly take actions to ensure the survival of Cassowary.

Looking right in the lens


  1. That is fierce and the face close up is awesome! I will read the stories for sure!

  2. Wow..those brown eyes! A shy but otherwise very dangerous bird nicely captured.

  3. The bird got beautiful and attractive colors on it but the eyes looks bit terrifying... Hope they do something about reserving this beautiful spices..

    1. Thanks Guys..yup in fact a lot to be done for the whole animal kingdom.

  4. close up shot is so amazing.. hypnotizing

  5. A little known fact : Only one case of a Cassowary taking the life of a human has been registered way back in 1926, when a person (forgot his name) fell backwards while trying to flee the bird, and the cassowary, taking advantage of it, ripped his throat apart.
    There have been a lot more attacks reported though, so these creatures are not to be taken lightly.
    Nice post by the way :)

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