Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sariska Tiger Heaven by Sterling Holidays

Sometimes we skip few places which are nearby and always think that we can visit it anytime. But that "anytime" took me many years before I decided to visit Sariska. I wanted to visit this place because I had never been to a wild-life sanctuary. Personally I don't endorse the large number of tourists visiting jungles since it disturbs the law of the jungle. Tourists flock to such places these days because of easy accessibility while government also fails to check the number of people entering forest just to see a tiger. Well, the fact is it is only a matter of luck that you would spot a tiger because of less tiger population.

From Hero Honda Chowk, Gurgaon, Sariska is 195 km which includes a straight drive of 155 km and then a left turn for 45 km. I was very well aware of the traffic situation on Jaipur-Delhi highway, so leaving early was the best decision. The road is good till the left turn to Viratnagar from were the ride was not smooth because of potholes and traffic. It took us 4 hours to reach our destination Sariska Tiger Heaven by Sterling Holidays. The huge resort is beautiful and peaceful where nature blooms. The resort is divided into many sections which also include tents, swimming pool, activity area, a big restaurant and few stand-alone cottages. We chose the cottage stay.

Below is my photo journal for this resort

Our Room


 Activity area  
 Way  to the restaurant


                                                               Pool in shape of tiger paw                                            

                                                                          Reception area

                                                                          Gopal- As our host


So if you are in Delhi NCR this is a perfect weekend getaway. I suggest that please take a complete package with meals if you are booking online because the restaurant is the only eating place. The food was too good and the service is flawless. You can start Saturday morning and be back till Sunday evening.

I really want to thank few staff members.

1. Gopal- Helped us to visit a part on jungle behind the resort. He was also responsible for all team activities including bonfire and made an extremely good host.

2. Lalita (Reception)- She is an amazing women and she made sure that we had everything in our room. She did not hesitate to click our pictures when we requested.

3 Mr Pandey (Manager)- A service industry veteran and knows about the history of this resort. He was the one who encouraged us to go for a tour behind the cottage seeing my interest in bird watching.


  1. Sariska looks very beautiful and a cozy place to stay during the safari!

    1. Thanks Guys. The best part is you can cover this place in two days.

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