Monday, February 15, 2016

Barbeque Nation-Sohna Road Gurgaon

"BBQN is better than any grill in NCR" this is what I here from everyone. After a huge "Tamasha" in CP Bar where I had the most disastrous experience and an attack from paid freeloaders, I decided to visit the famous Barbeque Nation at Sohna Road, Gurgaon with my wife to celebrate V day.  

As we entered the premises, the security informed us about free parking for BBQ guests. They have a well managed valet parking so that guests don't feel harassed to spot a parking place.

The manager at the reception greeted us with a smile and requested us to sit in the waiting corner for 5-10 minutes.  The wait was over soon and we got our seat. The first thing what I observed is the accurate height of the tables, suitable for everybody. The distance between the chairs and the Barbeque is within reach for four guests and the seats are also quite comfortable. Not to forget the cleanliness and hygiene.

There was a little glitch in the washroom of water shortage for which the manager apologized and came to me after few minutes to inform that it has been fixed. This is a perfect example that the staff is serious about every small  problem the guests face.

And now food time :) We got a very warm welcome from Biku, a very friendly staff who attended us. I opted for lemon ice tea and my wife settled for fresh lime in the complimentary drinks. They were refreshing and amazing. A surprise Valentine Cake was served to us. What could be more warm and sweet than this!  
Among the starters we had:  
Cajun spicy Patoto – Must have, the taste is awesome full 5 on 5
Paneer Malai Tikka- Good 4 on 5
Labanese grill Veg- 4/5
Barbeque Pinaple-3/5
Chilli Corn Steak3/5
Veg Kabab-4.5/5

I hope my wife can give much better reviews on Veg and I dug in most into non-veg food
Non Veg Starters
Peri Peri Chicken- 5/5
Tandoori Tangri-4.5/5
Moroccon Seekh Kabab-5/5
Were also served with sweet Bread which was fresh and soft yes of course tastes pleasant. We enjoyed our Barbeque.

The courteous staff made sure that guests are happy and satisfied. So they went to each table and asked for feedback. They also offered to customize food in case someone wanted. The staff was on the toes singing songs for guests celebrating their anniversary or birthdays.

Then it was time for main course. I can only write for non veg; I am sure my better half had the same experience with veg.

Non Veg
Chicken Dum Biryani Masala-4/5
Burani Ghost- 5/5
Nimbu Makhan Ka Murg-4.5/5
Fish and Hot Garlic Sauce- 5/5

Out of the above I am in love with Burani Ghost and Fish and Hot garlic Sauce. We were almost full but as a true Indian we always have reserve for sweets. Desserts had an amazing variety and the taste drove us crazy J


Walnut Brownie with peanuts-5/5
Pan Icecream with Gulkand and Khas Syrup-5/5
Angoori Gulab Zamun-4.5/5
Charlotte de Royal mango cake-5/5

Out of all the Pan Ice Cream and Phirnee was out of this world.  It seems desserts were prepared by experienced chef because they were not overloaded with sweets unlike the regular Indian sweets.

As we finished our heavenly lunch, and were preparing to leave, in came the last surprise of the day. The floor manager came with a camera and took a picture of us together. I assumed it would be for their wall or soft board display. While waiting for our car to arrive, the manager came back with the hard copy of our picture nicely framed.  

Conclusion- The overall experience was beyond words. We met with very friendly staff and honest gestures from them. The food, the ambience, staff all were excellent.

Good Job BBQN. We surely will come again.


  1. I have always found BBQ nation fun and love their starters. I generally skip the main course and fill myself with the starters.

    1. True but trust me their main course is equally awesome. Do try the fish curry next time.