Saturday, February 20, 2016

Veg Chinese Choupsey.

I have never imagined that a silly experiment would turn to be a great dish! I christened it Veg Chinese Choupsey.

Wife made sandwiches for breakfast filled with mashed potatoes, raw onions and cucumber topped with black pepper and salt. The left over of the sandwich filling clicked in my mind and made me do an experiment which made this dish born.

Had some Masala Oats left in a container, which nobody touched since over a month. It did magic to the dish.

In a shallow pan, I dry roasted half a cup vermicelli with two spoons of masala oats, till they turned light brown. That gave a crispy twist to it. Then I mixed the sandwich filling with the roasted mixture. I chopped a medium sized onion and added it to the dish. Added a little water, stirred it, dropped in a scoop of vegetarian mayonnaise  and let it simmer for four to five minutes.

And the dish was ready in no time! With the first bite of the dish, my wife said it tasted like Chinese! Hence christened it Veg Chinese Choupsey. Trust me, it was superb. Atleast I was happy with my culinary experiment. 

 This is how the delicacy looked like- 
Home made Chinese Veg Choupsey

A lot more to experiment and treat my taste buds with. 
Stay tuned for more!