Sunday, December 20, 2015

Informal Bar- Janpath

I was invited for a food bloggers meet with my wife to Informal in CP, on 19th December'15. As we entered, i couldn't resist taking pictures because of the beautiful aesthetics. The ceiling was lit up with colorful light bulbs and the old wooden work on the walls was quite attractive. They also have two barber chairs to surprise guests with Vodka shots.

They also have a very unique concept of lockers in which the guest can lock their half finished liquor and recollect on next visit. That earns them a brownie point!

The staff was really quick and very courteous. Even the managers are very nice and they ensured that no guest was unattended .Not every restaurant has a staff always smiling :) They have a live DJ performing with good foot tapping numbers. Informal's ground floor is big enough to accommodate around 70-80 people. The first floor is again spacious with terrace bar was well. The first floor space is good for 20-30 guests.

The food was not that great but "OK". The chicken bites in charcoal tasted good but I missed the smoky flavor. The mojito was average again. Bread basket with herbs butter was nice. We tried Dahi Kabab in starters which we thoroughly enjoyed. 

The place also offered live sufi music on weekly basis and I am sure that is very unique. I would love to go there next time to enjoy an evening with music and beer. Overall we are satisfied with the service and food considering the fact that Informal is new in the industry. I will give them 4/5. It is a must visit place for a Friday evening party.


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