Sunday, July 12, 2015

NAMO Era- A Myth

“Acchay Din Aanay Walay Hai” well that was the election tag line of BJP and it works WOW clean swipe. So how long we have to wait for “acchay din” well may take little as 30-40 years.
But what actually a country India shall push for, the answer is still the same “basic infrastructure”. The country is still struggling with power, fresh water and roads with no hardcore plans these factors are still a distant dreams. Modi government is talking about bullet trains well I think Mr. Prime Minister should go to the IRCTC site and try to book a ticket for himself yes with a different name. Indian railway is the biggest railway in the whole world with bad facilities like food, toilets, reservation, timings etc. How come someone can think of a very expensive bullet train when the whole system needs an upgrade? Apart from this, metro cities suffer from huge power cuts mostly in summer season when the mercury crosses 45 degrees very often. We need to change from coal power to nuclear power which is more environments friendly and also with better capacity.
The problem is because of corruption and over population. The country really needs an education upgrade where more emphasis should be given to practical knowledge rather than degrees. First step has to curb the uncontrolled population because no matter how much effort we put, it will be of no use in front of this growing cancer. What our travel freak PM is doing, is more “FREE” support to that class of society who thinks “more hand more money”. Government hospitals have free delivery centers for the section of society who has no money to eat and ultimately we will have more beggars on streets. Instead of giving free medical facilities why not the government make strict laws for education so that they can understand family planning.

Having said, that I will not say that the new government is not working. Many good things like the Rs.2,00,000 life insurance scheme for just Rs.12 an year ,more FDI in military procurement  and good relations with hostile countries (With China it’s only one sided and also some very hard lessons to Pakistan over cross border terrorism.)

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Arvind Kejriwal
In conclusion the only person I see who understands India is Arvind Kejriwal who for the 1st time has put more emphasis on education and investing more on people. The question remains will he ever be the PM of India? May be yes if we middle class supports him.