Sunday, July 12, 2015

Delhi NCR and Traffic

Ok so we all have to deal with traffic day and night. No matter what time you are our the “Traffic Ghost” could meet you anywhere, some people do argue that there are some times when there is 100% no traffic yes may be they are right but I don’t think so. I used to work in Nodia and travel to 64 KM every day from my home in Gurgaon and no matter what time I travel back there was traffic everywhere.

So the question is why the traffic is increasing day by day. Let’s look into some of the myths;
1.       Some people think it is more because of commercial Vehicle- Wrong
2.       Blame it on Government for less wider roads-Wrong
3.       Faulty traffic light and unplanned system- Yes due to some extent
4.       Mismatch route directions- In Gurgaon yes but not in total.

So then why we have more traffic the answer is our “Own Vehicle”. Yes you herd it right; we are buying cars and bikes at a very rapid speed and thanks to our banks that allows us to take a loan upto 7 years WOW that’s amazing. People don’t realize how much they are paying as it is a small amount as compared to the BIG cost of the car they have to pay every month. More than 5 Lakhs cars are added to Delhi roads every year and I can only imagine the huge figure of Delhi NCR.
What on earth any government will do to provide roads for all these Vehicles. So we as a middle class will buy car because now it’s more of a necessity rather than a luxury, could we as a citizen can do something to bring down the traffic? Some possibilities are.

Car Pulling-We can use social networking sites and Whatsapp and FB to connect with people who travel to the same location every day.
Public Transport-To use more and more public transport like metro and bus.
Hitchhiking-To drop colleagues to metro and bus stops.

Government should be more aggressive towards providing public transport and must plan for more metro routes.

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