Friday, May 1, 2015

Red Corridor-Weapons we Need to Fight Back

­As we all know that from the past 50 years, DRDO has only been able to do some modifications to imported weapons or developed a bulky and outdated battle tank like Arjun. We know upfront that this is not working out and Modi’s lashes to the agency will certainly need some more time for “Acchay weapons aanay walay hai.” To fill the gap, the government has increased the budget for importing weapons and technology from abroad.

The question still remains the same. Do we have that kind of fire power to deal with threats like “Naxals” or China? The answer is No and in some areas Yes.
India is the second most densely populated country with more internal threats then outside. Without advanced firepower we would not be able to cure the cancer within.

Red Corridor- A legacy started in West Bengal in late 60’s and spread like a jungle fire. The only difference between now and then is more outside help. The Naxals are now well trained and well-armed with the help of their communist friends and numbers are disturbingly increasing day by day.
So why like a powerful country like India has not been able to control it,is mostly because lack of advanced weaponry. The areas are mostly covered with thick forest which are hard to patrol day and night without proper equipment's like thermal imagining and night vision goggles. In terms of massive firepower, our forces definitely need something like an Apache Longbow Attack Chopper.
Apache is a state of the art attack chopper fitted with guided hellfire missiles, rocket and 30 mm cannon. Drones which can monitor forests day and night,can provide better Intel and if required drones fitted with less devastating missiles could hit a high value target. The standard INSAS rifle issued to our armed forces is something like fighting a cannon with an arrow! With a range of only 400 meters and no automatic fire it is a completely low category weapon.

We need something like a FAMAS or TAVOR which is now only issued to the Special Forces and some other wings. These weapons are accurate, deadly and possess massive firing power. Also they are designed for Close-Quarter-battles as well as range of 800 meters.

Good light body armor will definitely add value to the soldiers on foot. The present ones are not capable of stopping a high velocity AK47 round.
No matter how motivated and patriotic our soldiers are, without these kind of gears they are helpless.

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