Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Bali- Kuta Beach Turtles Conservation Site

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The best experience of my Bali trip, releasing baby turtles in sea. Due to over polluting water we have endangered these beautiful species. This conservation site trying to make a difference by taking care of mother turtles and education tourist about their importance in the ecological balance. Watching those baby turtles moving towards the sea is a million $ view. 

This huge turtle structure is actually a home for baby turtles

Turtles coming out from eggs.

Finally meeting his brother

Conservation Site

Tourists waiting for their turn to release turtles

Yehhhh we are going home soon

Our Pair of turtles

This one was over exited

We all wait in a line 

Have to cross some hills

I will cross all barriers

Step by step I will move inch by inch

Almost there buddy

Finally Water :)


  1. Indeed it was the best experience in Bali. :-)

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

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  5. Indeed it was the best experience in Bali. :-)