Saturday, December 10, 2016

Zodiac fancy

Zodiac in Fortune Select Excalibur never fails to innovates and constantly surprises with twists in its cuisines. Be it the theme, the decor or experiment with menu Zodiac caters to all taste buds in its own special way.

The mouth-watering journey of culinary ecstasy with cuisines from all around the
world, this time themes with street food, was another wonderful experience for me!

The food tasting session was organized on 30th November.

The "Street Food Festival" had a diverse menu ranging from veg to non veg across different regions of the World. To start with the lip smacking menu, there was  a huge variety of salad and soups for the health conscious ones. Purani Dilli's Kachori, veg and non veg wraps, Kolkata's puchka (gol gappa) were my personal favorites. 

Akki Roti with Mysore Chicken curry and Bihar's Litti Chokha were great items in the menu. Curated with love, all dishes had the right balance of salt, oil and spices. Full points for the presentation they made!  

                               Rolls from Kolkata were hot selling cakes here.

Popularly known as golgappa, these are called puchka in Kolkata and paani batasha in UP. A girl's delight and a common delicacy at road sides, puchka is served with blend with sweet spicy water and stuffing of chana & mashed potatoes. While this tastes great, it also comes with highly unhygienic factors, the most common ones being dirty hands dipped inside water y the street vendor. EEwww. In Zodiac hygiene is right there in front of your eyes and you can customize your puckha in your own way. I loved it and can keep coming back here just for Puchka :-)

The ambience, hygiene and comfort of a hotel adds so much value! Street food has its own charm. However, hygiene is one of the biggest issues these days. So why not enjoy the same teet food in much classier and better environment? 

About Zodiac- 
Located in the heart of the luxurious hotel, Zodiac is popular for breakfast meetings as menu gives the customers a wide variety of options ranging from European to Indian to Healthy breakfasts. The diverse multi cuisine menu makes Zodiac an exquisite restaurant for everything, from family gatherings to corporate, formal meetings.

Appetizers such as broccoli medallions, macchi tikka, zucchini rolled tofu, crispy fried prawns, bharwan khumb tikka, shrimp garlic toast, chicken quesadilla, corn tomato, cheese toast, Americano fish nuggets, Vietnamese vegan roll and Caribbean chicken,  are  outstandingly delicious. 

Dishes such as sandwiches, hearty pastas, juicy burgers and pizzas can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Following the appetizers are the ambrosial mains. Gosht rogini, fish in coconut curry, prawns in pineapple sauce, grilled fish lemon butter sauce, lasagne with double sauce, kerala jhinga curry, roast chicken in red wine and mutton chop top the popularity charts.

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