Thursday, December 22, 2016

Udaipur- Sajjangarh Biological Park and Monsoon Palace (Sajjan Garh Palace)

Sajjangarh biological park and Monsoon palace are located at the same place. The gate on left leads to the Zoo while the gate on right is the way towards the palace a top a hill. 

The park is huge and private vehicles are not allowed inside. But you can rent a bicycle or take a ride in a battery operated taxi. However that is little expensive in case you don't want to share it with other tourists. The 1st option worked best for us as I needed some extra time to click some good photos. Couple of things to kept in mind before going on an adventure on bicycle (We city people are not much used to cycle, so I call it an adventure)

1. Wear comfortable clothes. The terrain is smooth but lots of up's and down.
2. Carry lot of water because the water facility inside is not at all clean.
3. Wear sports shoes.
4. Take a test ride of the bicycle
5. Ensure covering heads in the Sun. 
Below is my photo blog-

Entry Gates


                                                Blackbuck- Salman's  1st Love (pun intended)

                                                                      Common Fox

                                                                   The royal Lioness

                                                        Monsoon Palace view from the Zoo 

Sajjangarh or Monsoon palace was built as a summer retreat and to see monsoon clouds passing by. The palace gives a bird eye view of Udaipur. To reach here, one needs to hop into a taxi that costs Rs 90 per person and another Rs 50 as palace's entry fee.   

                                                                        Main Hall

                                                           Beautiful Architecture

                                                              Udaipur City's birds'eye view