Monday, November 28, 2016

Nanital Sites- Mango shape Naini Lake,Naukuchiatal, Bhimtal, Eco Cave Garden

Sometimes the least interested site become the most memorable. Eco cave garden is something like "not interesting" place for most of the people in Nainital, but for us it was quite an adventure. The cave is very dark inside with narrow passage and was not at all easy to cover. This place is not recommended for any elderly people or heart patient. Rest almost all the lakes are same so my advise not to spent time, nothing special in Naukuchiatal but Bhimtal is still good.One important piece of information is that all the lakes and Hanuman Garhi is on the same way so do a good bargain with the cab driver. Below is my experience through my lens.

Eco Caves- Must Visit

Eco Caves- Ready to count some stairs

Eco Caves- Foundation Stone

Eco Caves- Entry to the dark cave

Eco Caves- Really dark inside

Eco Caves- Not easy to move

Eco Caves- Yes we crawled out to the exit

Eco Caves- Home to Panther

Green Walk

Suicide point


Anaconda :)


Nothing can beat Maggi

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