Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Jaipur Tourism- My Experience (Part-2)

                                                           Old Forts of Jaipur 

4. Nahargarh Fort.

5. Jaigarh Fort.

6. Amber Fort.

7. Some Tips

Nahargarh Fort

This fort was constructed by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh on 1734 on the edge of Aravalli Hills. The meaning of the name is "Adobe od Tigers.
The 1st thing I encountered was that the fort was partially a restaurant. It got two restaurant one a reasonable and the other is very expensive, they charge Rs.50 even for the entry to the restaurant.
One thing is strange that they also serve beer that is not something what I expected from a historical place. Most part of the fort was restricted and ASI seems not interested cleaning of outside area. This place has nothing much to offer until you want to sit back and relax with a glass of beer.
 Entry to Courtyard

I Wonder if this works

Nice Paintings

Read all


Temple on Top

Main Courtyard

Jaigarh Fort

This fort was built by Jai Singh 2 to protect Amber Fort. This is a must visit place as the fort is huge and will offer you with lot of adventure.
I strongly suggest that not to take old people along with you as many places is not easy to access. The fort still looks very strong and give a very beautyful view of Jaipur city and Hawa Mahal. It also has a small pond which is littered with plastic bottles, thanks to our thirsty Indian tourist and the main reason you shall not miss this fort is because of "Jaivana Cannon". This cannon s the world largest on wheels of the early modern era and it was only fire once, legend a natural lake was formed on the place where the projectile landed.

View from the Way to Fort

Nice View of Hills

Pond Inside
Take Car Ride

Imagine The Muzzle Flash 

Beautiful Carvings

Read the Description
Huge Kalash for GangaJal

Some Facts

A small Cannon

Another View

Watch Tower

Different View

A view of Jal Mahal

Nice Shades of Marble

 Amber Fort

This palace is located in Amer city which is 4km drive from Jaipur city. This a fort where every tourist had visited, the fort seems the biggest among all the forts in Jaipur may be because it's not located on hills so there is no natural defence. The saddest part about the visit to there places are that you can names of people all around on walls which gives you a hint that you are in India and people keep writing there names no matter how much education they have. The pace is always crowded due to easy reach but still a fort to visit once.

A View of Main Courtyard


Nice Pic of Lord Ganesha

Small Balcony

Fort Defence Walls

See The Heart

Place  where Jodha Akbhar got Married

Very Nice Mugal Art

An Entry to the Fort

7. Some Tips

a)- Chowki dhani is a complete waste of time and money. The road is really very bad and there is nothing special about this place anymore. Oh yes some people might talk about the food then trust me it's nothing mouth watering, the place has lost it's "aura" due to easy reach and bad management decisions.
b)-Look for good guest house rather then an hotel. Guest house are really good for these kind of short trips as they are cheap and you can have lot of options, hotels can be really expensive.
c)- Make sure you are a very good driver if you planning to drive towards Jaigarh and Nahargarg fort. The road is very thin and no there are no two ways. The thin road is not the only problem you will also encounter huge traffic jams and bad roads. I suggest to hire an auto.
d)- Try to avoid road side food and go to a decent restaurant, trust me they are cheap if you compare it with metros like Delhi/NCR.
e)- Try not to look like a tourist (not for foreign travellers) because if you are planning to walk around the city then you are the target of every auto driver.
My visit was sometimes become horrible in the city when one after another auto diver will ask you to board there auto for a ride.DO NOT TRUST THESE DRIVERS FOR ANY SHOPPING POINTS AND SUGGESTED HOTELS or GUEST HOUSE, do a little research on internet before the visit.
f)- Do try sweets from a famous shop "brijwasi" they are awesome.
g)- Last but not the least for try to take auto (try to do bargain with 50% what they ask) as they are cheap and you can view the city on the way. But beware Jaipur pollution level is too high. Most important avoid shopping as you can easily buy the same stuff from your local city market.

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