Friday, August 22, 2014

Failure of DRDO


Sometimes back I visited DefExpo 2014 pertaining to my special interest in armed forces and the specialized weapons. Having toured the DRDO exhibition and observed the stories behind the defense failure, I am writing my 1st blog.


The above weapon system is Bramos of which our Defence ministry is very proud. However, very few people are aware that this missile is not a "Made in India" product but bought from Russia at a very high price. The question is that why the world's 4th largest army has to import almost everything from foreign countries? The answer is pretty simple. DRDO is a failed institute with a bunch of highly qualified PhD holders.

NOTE-When is say DRDO, I include Ordinance factory and all institutions engaged in weapons system.
From the last 20 years, DRDO has not even able to produce a good battle ready army tank. We all know about Arjun and Arjun II (main battle tank or MBT) are still not ready for war. To fill the gap, our government has to import T90 from Russia. Sadly, same is the case with our Air Force. We got "Sukhoi" from Russia and now "Rafele" from France. Rifles equally have a sad story to tell. The Insas Rifle of Indian Army can only fire up to 400 meters and doesn't even have a fully automatic mode!

They are celebrating the success of Tejas (light combat aircraft or LCA) and Dhruv Helicopter with idli dosa. Can Tajas stand a dog fight with F16 (US manufactured advanced jet) ? NO! Can Dhruv match with Cobra (Israel manufactured attack chopper)?  NO! 

DRDO is ONLY good at assembling stuff bought from foreign countries or repair work. The problem is with the kind of scientists working with DRDO.
I will give the example of Israel and Russia where most of the weapons are either developed by the army itself or with the help of army. In other words I can’t design a drill for rocks until I do the job myself and take some experience. The famous AK47 rifle was invented by Gen.Kalasnikove and the corner-shot close quarter battle system (a rifle) was the brain child of an Israel counter-terrorist department head. 

A PhD scientist or gold medallist in M.Sc who has never seen a battle or faced a war like situation will never know the real scenario. Our government should take advice from all three branches of defence and then do something creative. They should speak to the common soldier to understand his needs and the challenges he faces during war.
 Please understand that the money spent on these imported weapons is our tax money. So, DRDO should pull up its socks and invent weapons as per the needs of the defence personnel, instead of importing high priced weapons from neighbouring countries. 

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