Sunday, September 24, 2017

Goa Gajah, The Elephant Cave- Ubud Bali, Indonesia

Build in 9th century as a spiritual place of meditation is a UNESCO world heritage site. The entrance resembles the mouth of a big elephant which is the main reason behind the name Goa Gajah which means elephant cave.

The main temple is curved on a single big stone and inside there are idols of God Ganesh and Shiv. The premises have many other different temples revels Hindu influence dated back in 10th century. It was built on a hillside and as two small streams met here forming a river junction, the site was considered sacred and was built for meditation and prayers. 

The premises is dominated by Buddhist is the south and Shivaite or Lord Shiva across the river. There is also a small pool with three idols.

Below is my photo blog

Main Temple

Amazing creation of nature

Small shops on the Exit